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What is the importance of career guidance and counseling in schools?

Guidance and counseling is an essential pillar of the education world of today’s modern era. A school counselor is an expert who works at primary and secondary level so that things can be easy going for the students. Usually students of class 10 and 12 are susceptible to any approach that indicates effective handling of the kids.

The purpose of career guidance for the students after 10th and 12th standards is quite comprehensive and crucial. It is because students cannot choose the right career for themselves. The extensive and developmental programs are designed to assist individuals in the right direction. Here is a big difference between career guidance and career counseling.

The significant spheres of career and guidance counseling include the following:

  • Educational Sphere
  • Vocational Sphere
  • Social and personal guidance and counseling
  • Encouraging the practice of social activities

Counseling is the process which tackles the problems with the proper counseling in the best possible manner. Comprehensive Counseling Plan is being prepared to serve the kids as they offer integrated components of the extensive instructional programs through which situations have opportunities related to academic, career and any personalized development. A school counselor includes a purposeful, planned and sequential program for the activities which begins from KG to the senior classes. Thus all needs to be done in a proper and organized way.

The individual career guidance and skills help the students to receive the support by building the skills which are necessary to succeed in school and also beyond it. The counselors use the right child-centred approach so that solution is available with the straightforward strategies providing the non-directive play therapies beginning with the development of the greater understanding of the self.


Importance of career guidance and counseling

  1. Share ideas and knowledge

The objective of counseling in schools has become quite important as they assist students as well as teachers who are making the desirable skills and qualification focus by achieving the goals of the educational programs. Counseling is the sharing of ideas and knowledge that can make reciprocal logic and guidance grown between people.

  1. Identification of the right expertise in students

The role of the school counselors is supporting and quite caring when it comes to dealing with students of class 10 and class 12. Identification of the right expertise in a student is the job of the counselor. Good counseling needs to include the unique needs of the students who are to serve upon the multidisciplinary teams while they get placed

The counseling need can bear the best fruits when it is done for academically talented students with learning. The career guidance for students of class 10 and class 12 play a very crucial role in establishing the right support and interest of the students. With proper counseling, guidance and interactive session, the students can take a step towards their subject choice as well as pathways.

  1. Identify the emotional, and financial

Career guidance is the guidance which gives the individuals a scope to acquire the knowledge, skills and experience necessary in identifying the career options. This type of career decision then results in identifying the emotional, financial and social well-being throughout. An expert counselor does the best of his or her job. They watch the frustrations and let the outcome happen more effectively so that the disappointment ends.

  1. Support for students’ Psychological & personal problems

Counseling is one of the best targets to deal with psychological as well as personal problems. Guidance is the best form of work which supports all learners equally. Career guidance also identifies the strengths of the career accessing the source of income, social contact with purposeful activity with challenges. Counselors in schools assist the parents and the students together understand the need to pick up any course for the future.

  1. Develop strengths and awareness of students

The program goals of the career guidance for students include providing the foundation of the acquisition of the skills, attitudes and knowledge, enabling the students to make a successful transitional career. Through a proper and result oriented plan, a career guidance and counseling work ensure the students to develop the understanding of the right self with the right skills, students abilities, strengths and awareness along with exploration.

  1. Helps to choose the right career

Counseling helps in making the right decision at the right age. The valuable guidance will help in getting the solution to the problem with the succession at every stage of life. In a plethora of educational fields, students fail to choose the right course. Through the proper counseling, a professional touch with all the benefits is added to the course so that the students themselves can take the decision on their own. Guidance is all about the decision and showing the best approaches ever.

  1. Growth of self-development

Counseling and guidance both add to the growth of the self-development of the students. Sometimes students fail to make the right career choice and so end up ruining their career. A bright career gets wasted. The purpose of counseling is so to provide the best valuable life-lessons so that students can take the right example from the instances so that it helps them to decide what is good for students and which stream, of course, he should be taking.

Final Words

The career guidance counselor takes the change of providing proper guidance to the students. A counselor is sure to add some academic support with the best parental and counseling, along with individual counseling. It depends on the trained professional how they would be focusing upon the managerial skills to counsel and guide the students. So, we can say that school counselors are the career shapers for the students who seek support. Through the best professional approaches, the students imbibe the best professional career in life.

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