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Need of Employability: Upskilling youth For New Age Jobs

The emergence of new age technologies has led to disruption wherein companies face a shortage of skilled talent. There is a need for business as well as academia to upskill the fresh graduates/ Engineers for the dynamic requirements of the business. To achieve a $5 Trillion economy goal, the Academia and Industry must work in collaboration for upskilling/reskilling talent to achieve the employability of young graduates.

We at Disciple Delight, strive towards the increasing supply of employable talent in the industry and as per reports published by independent agencies like CII, found employability has increased from 33 % in 2014 to 47% in 2019. Still, there is a wide gap and need for upskilling the youth by designing industry relevant curriculum for changing business needs of Industry 4.0.

Mission IEDP: Improving Employability for New India

Mission Our Mission is to Improve Employability of Graduates and Technocrats and bring change in the lives of the student by delivering blended training and assessment curriculum prepared in consultation with industry requirements and tailoring customized solution based on actual need of talent landscape in the country.

Our Extensive Research of talent pool of assessment of more than 1 Lakh Candidates, provides us an overview of the knowledge gap that exists due to the gap in the syllabus of the university programme and actual industry requirement.

Our Extensive Assessment Test Battery is the most updated one prepared by Industry HR PR actioners for their changing and dynamic talent requirement.

About IEDP: Closing Gap between skills and Employability of Talent

IEDP is conceptualized in consultations with our Key Partners such as AICTE, UNDP, Association of India University and is aimed at solving one of the biggest challenges faced by corporates for Upskilling the Engineering Graduates/ Non Tech Graduates of country. 

By measuring the actual skills of students, Key Gap areas and Benchmarking against the actual industry requirement. Delivering tailored learning programs for students for outcome-based learning where the end objective is to prepare the candidate for Job Interview and land them a job based on competencies/ Strengths.

Benefits of Joining Program

Our Assessment curriculum developed by leading HR and industry professionals for the digital economy and prepare the candidate for emerging skills like AI, Data Analytics, Blockchain, Full Stack Developer Roles.

We provide personalised learning experience based on candidate profile and continuous learning module spread over 6 Months / 12 Months duration and end of program employability test which evaluates the candidate onDomain Knowledge and Soft skills cognitive, behavioural and personality evaluation.

Our dedicated education councilor provides a review of the cv of the candidate and conducts a mock interview to prepare the candidate for the actual interview well in advance.

We Provide completion certificate and assessment report at the end of the academic session and connect the successful graduates to prospective employers from our talent connect program. The participating recruiters use our scores to pre-screen the candidate and call the prospective student for an interview.