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Career Analysis and Counseling Training

1. Career Analysis and Counseling Training

Module -1: Psychometric Theories & Analysis

  • Introduction to Career Counseling Industry
  • Introduction of Psychometric Theories
  • Personality analysis of the student based on the psychometric theory
  • Career Interest Analysis of the student Based on Holland Theory
  • Learning Style analysis
  • Skills & Abilities analysis
  • Case Studies and Scenarios
  • Overview of Psychometric assessments and technology platforms

Module -2: Career Path Analysis and Interpretation

Case Study -1
Career Analysis to find out  the most suitable career path for 9th and 10th  class students
Stream and subjects selection

Case study -2 
Career Analysis to find out the most suitable career path for 11th and 12th class students for different groups (PCMB, Maths, Bio, arts, Commerce etc.)

Case study -3
Career Analysis to find out the most suitable career path for graduates

Case study 4
Career Analysis to find out the most suitable career path for Professionals

Case study 5
Career Analysis for Engineering Students, what next after the completion of Engineering

How to find out minimum 3 most suitable careers paths  for the candidate and the list of career paths that should be avoided by the candidate?

What are the Scenarios and factors that need to be considered to find out the most suitable career path?
How to deliver professional career counseling service?

Module- 3: Career Library

  • Career Videos resources for more than 150+ career paths and 15+ Career Clusters to gain insights of each career path.
  • Importance and Application of career path videos in career counseling delivery.
  • Work nature and occupations analysis.
  • New age and off-beat Career Paths.

Module -4: Orientation and Process flow:

  • Complete Career counseling structure and process.
  • Do’s and Don’ts for students.
  • Do’s and Don’ts for Career Counselors.

Module -5: Expectations, Conflict management and Objective setting

  • Understanding the expectations and problem statement from students and parents.
  • Conflict management related to career selection.
  • Objection handling techniques.
  • Case Studies.

Module- 6: College Selections

  • Understanding College selection criteria.
  • How to  find out suitable college for the student?
  • How to prepare admission plan  and career roadmap for the candidate? 

2. Career Assessment and Technology Platform Training

Module -1: Career Assessment tool (CCPA)

  • Overview of career assessment tool (CCPA).
  • Importance of assessment tool in applied career counseling.
  • The scientific methodologies used behind assessments.
  • How to administer the assessment.
  • Do’s and Don’ts.

Module -2: Career Counseling Practice using Technology Platform (CCPA)

  • How to start career counseling practice using assessment and Technology Platform?
  • Navigating 18 Career Clusters and 175+ Career Paths.
  • How to deliver counseling efficiently using 32 pages comprehensive career report generated by the platform?

Module -3: Dedicated Career Counselor CRM Panel Training

  • How to activate the career report? 
  • How to generate multiple reports of different career paths
  • How to view candidate’s reports and details?
  • How to manage the candidates profile using technology
  • Various Advance functionalities of CRM?
  • Career Library.
  • How to Set your own Pricing for Career Counseling?
  • Practical use cases.

3. Career Counseling Business & Marketing Strategy Training

Lead Generation Strategies

  • Understanding Target Audience
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the need for your target audience to approach you for career counseling service?
  • How to attract your own leads and become independently successful?
  • How to create visibility online and offline?
  • How to get your first 50 customers?
  • What is ‘Referral Partner Network’ and how to create your local ‘Referral Partners Network’?
  • How to approach and implement career counseling in Schools?
  • How to set up your ‘Perpetual Lead generation system’  for rapid growth?

Marketing and Branding Techniques

  • Pitch Script.
  • Marketing materials.
  • Price exploration for different cities.
  • How to establish your brand and become a successful career counselor?
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Career Counseling Marketing.
  • Case studies of a most successful career counselor.

Objection Handling

  • Top 10 excuses and ultimate responses to convince your customers immediately.
  • Why your customer shouldn’t delay for career counseling?

Business Plan Preparation

  • Preparing the business objective for 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.
  • Preparing the Checklist of marketing activities for 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.
  • How to achieve your marketing objectives?

4. Handholding Sessions

  • Joint interpretation of first 5 career reports of your candidates.
  • Practical guidance on interpretation and career solution delivery.
  • 30 minutes slot for each reports.
  • Interpretation slots available from Monday – Wednesday between (5pm -6pm) and Thursday – Saturday (10am -11 am).
  • Interpretation Slots can be booked 1 day prior on availability basis.

Duration: 40 Hours

Fee: INR 25,000/-

Mode: Both Online & offline available

Key Takeaways

  • A thorough understanding about Career Assessment & Counseling
  • A thorough understanding about Career assessment Tool platform
  • Understanding about various Psychometric theories
  • A complete Guide about How to be a successful career Counselor
  • How to start your career Counseling business
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Google business page creation on your name
  • 5 free report generation code
  • 5 free hand holding session
  • 5 Free visits to conduct counselling sessions
  • Free CRM portal with dedicated student’s dashboard
  • Free career assessment & analysis for all the participants